1788 Main Road Hunlock Creek, PA 18656

Our Vision

Join us at Palace Park as we embark on this extraordinary journey. As we transform this historic grove, we invite you to be a part of its legacy. Your event will be a chapter in the story of this place, a story that combines the serenity of nature with the magic of family and friends.

Now, it’s your turn to become a part of the Park’s history. Your story will join the tapestry of memories woven into these walls, and we’re here to ensure your day is as magical and unforgettable as the  generations that have graced our grounds.

The History of Palace Park

At Palace Park, history  spans generations. The Park has a rich and storied past, making it the perfect setting for your own story.


Once upon a time, when things were much more laid back and life was simpler, communities enjoyed gathering at popular outdoor spots on a regular basis to eat food in the great outdoors, and enjoy each other’s company.   As a result, some simplistic structures were erected to help make these get-togethers a little more civilized.   The concept of “the picnic grove” was quite popular in the northeastern part of Pennsylvania.  So popular, that many sites later added more sophisticated “amusements”.

It was a place where families spent all day enjoying the state certified swimming pond, hosting a family reunion, or simply dropping their child off for the day while they went to work! Celebrations were held and love blossomed.

Walter and Hilda Rummage opened “Rummage’s SYLVADOME” in June 1949.  There were 2 bowling alleys, the roller skating rink and a snack bar.  The swimming pond and two picnic groves were built in 1950.  In 1951, four bowling alleys were added and an additional 2 picnic groves.  
Rummage’s Speedway opened in 1954 as a 1/4 mile dirt oval. The track was owned and promoted by Walter Rummage.
The grounds were once an amusement park, but by the time the speedway had opened, it had already been shut down. The bowling alley, skating rink, and swimming pool however still did operate during the existence of the track.
It had no grandstands, all drive-in viewing only. The Spencer family were big winners at the track. Other well-known racers there were Rod Gaumer and Gabby Croop.
Ran: 1954-1955
The profile of the speedway can still be easily seen.


On July 11, 1971 the most memorable event that took place at  the Park was the concert with Sly and the Family Stone, Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show, and Ruth Copeland.  The concert originally scheduled for the Pocono  Downs was moved to Palace Park after tickets sales exceeded 10,000!

The Woodstock of Hunlock Creek is still talked about today.  Over 10,000 concert goers amassed the ball field and a winding 9 mile traffic jam stretched from Palace Park.

If you ask the ‘locals’ today, many were there, others snuck in, and some were forbidden by their parents to go!

Among other events, the Woodstock of Hunlock Creek adds to  the venue’s legacy and has created lasting memories.



In 2018, Brian O’Keefe (a life long resident of the area) purchased the Park at auction.  His vision is to bring the Park back to a place where people could come and enjoy again! Over the last few years, there have been significant  renovations, at the hands of Brian, that transformed the venue into what it is today, including restoring the trackside pavilion while adding to its  historic charm.  


Today, the venue’s current features and offerings, include a timber frame open air pavilion, trackside pavilion, dock side pavilion, catering kitchen, modern bathrooms, creek, pond, and baseball field. In addition to the Park are accommodations across the creek include a fully renovated home for pre and post event stays!  We’ve carefully preserved the venue’s historic charm while providing modern amenities for your celebration.

Ultimately, our vision culminates in your story. Together, we will help you create memories that will forever be etched in the heart of this enchanted woodland for generations to come.