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Welcome to Palace Park, where you can create an unforgettable outdoor experience. Our venue is more than just a beautiful setting; it’s a place where bonds of friendship are made, dreams come to life and memories will forever be etched in the history of this enchanted woodland.

Whether a corporate gathering, a wedding or a family reunion, our 26 acre venue is equipped with a range of on-site amenities to enhance your event. We prioritize comfort and convenience at every turn.

Dockside Ceremony

The stage is set on a picturesque dock, extending gracefully over the tranquil water. As you stand together on the dock, surrounded by your beloved friends and family, you are filled with a sense of profound gratitude and love. Nature herself becomes your witness.

Open Air Venue

In the heart of nature's embrace lies our open-air venue, where the beauty of the outdoors becomes the canvas for your unique event. Utilizing our 30' x 75' pavilion offers a versatile space for a wide array of events, from corporate events, to weddings and receptions to family gatherings. Formal seating for 150, but take advantage of the Trackside pavilion (description below), covered picnic tables, and the park's outdoor space and your event area becomes limitless!

Trackside Pavilion

Just a stone's throw away from the main pavilion lies a smaller, more intimate pavilion which serves as the perfect spot for a lively bar or cocktail hour, as well as a relaxing oasis for guests to escape the hustle and bustle of the festivities. Perched trackside, this side of the pavilion is furnished with adirondack furniture and offers panoramic views of the 'original' 1/4 mile racetrack. These spaces provide guests with plenty of choices for seating and socializing. The upper pavilion can be used for music or band creating a more dynamic atmosphere for guests. As guests move throughout the Park, they can experience different perspectives of the music, whether they're dancing near the stage or relaxing in seating areas further away. Though modest in size, this original structure exudes its own unique charm. The pairing of these pavilions is truly magical.

Catering Kitchen

Our catering kitchen plays a critical role in the success of your event, providing the resources necessary for your Caterer to deliver an exceptional experience. In 2024, the equipment available in this 20' x 30' kitchen will include double convection ovens, stove top, warming box, refrigeration, freezer, and triple bay sink along with prep tables.

Paradise at Palace Park Pavilion

Designed to accommodate smaller gatherings, our open-air pavilion offers a picturesque setting for your event. Whether you're celebrating a intimate wedding, a milestone birthday, a special family reunion, or looking for space for a relaxed corporate meeting, this enhanced rental option offers everything you need. Nestled alongside of the creek, guests are treated to views of the Park. We invite you to celebrate life's milestones with us or simply create an opportunity for corporate creativity!

Paradise at Palace Park

Make your event even more memorable by enhancing your pavilion rental with the addition of our charming house (located next to the pavilion) including access to a full kitchen, living space, sunroom, game room, and deck. This option allows you to create a truly immersive and versatile experience for you and your guests, combining the rustic charm of the outdoors with the comfort and elegance of indoor amenities.

Enchanting Property

Welcome to our enchanting park, where nature's beauty flourishes and tranquility reigns. Meandering through the heart of the park is a gentle creek, its crystal-clear waters weaving a path of serenity. The soothing sound of flowing water creates a peaceful ambiance, offering a respite from the cares of everyday life. With its tranquil creek, shaded groves, and breathtaking scenery, our park is a true oasis of natural beauty and serenity. Come, explore, and discover the magic that awaits you in our enchanting park.

And Coming Soon: The Wedding Chapel

Nestled within a serene forest, our wedding chapel in the woods is a tranquil haven where love blossoms amidst the whispering trees and dappled sunlight. In our wedding chapel in the woods, magic abounds and dreams take flight.